Zotero 7 Beta 4 top bars!

The Zotero features four unnecessary bars: title bar, menu bar, PDF tabs, and tool bar. This clutters the interface, especially on laptops with wide screens and limited height. Some operating systems like Ubuntu and macOS add their own top bars, resulting in a total of five top bars before accessing the actual PDF.


Integrate the title bar into the OS top bar (similar to Brave browser) to save space. The pdf title need not be shown on top title bar as it is shown in the tab and full title can be seen on mouse hover over tab or opening the side bar.

Provide an option to toggle the menu bar with the ALT button or in preferences, following standard UI practices.

Thank you!

Platform Details:
Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS
Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/Wmsoiya
  • I don't think this happens in Mac OS. The top and the tab bars are one and the same. Looks like an issue in Ubuntu, though.
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