How much space Zotero library will take up on computer

Hello, I am getting a new laptop, and I want to know how much space my Zotero library would take up on a new computer. How can I find this information? Thanks very much.
  • You can check the size of the Zotero data directory. But note that you can set Zotero to download files "as needed", so it will only use disk space for the files you open. An upcoming version of Zotero will also add the option to control how long to keep local copies of uploaded files in order to save disk space.
  • Thanks very much. I do have a preference for a full local set of my files, since I sometimes work in archives that do not have wifi access.

    Apologies if I've missed this on the link provided: is there a way to view the size of the library through logging in to my online Zotero account? Thanks very much.
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    Your question is about local disk usage though, no? So you'd check that like any other folder on your computer, by getting properties/info on the folder, in this case for the Zotero data directory.

    You can see how much online storage you're using on the storage settings page, but that's a different question. (The number will be similar but somewhat lower than your local usage, since Zotero compresses some files that it uploads.)
  • Thanks very much.
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