PDF Reader: Tags - Resize Pane & Alphabetize


Seems like in the PDF reader there's no way to resize the tags area. Am I right? For me on a Win 10 machine, it's just fixed at around the lower 20% of the Annotations pane. In the Main screen of Zotero you can drag it up to get more room. Is that possible in the PDF reader?

Also, in the PDF reader, it seems like the tabs are sorted by their order of appearance? So that, whatever tag was first made is first, second made is second, and so on. For me that's hard to manage once they start building up. Is there no way to sort them alphabetically? I notice in the Main screen of Zotero they do sort alphabetically. Is that possible with the PDF reader?

Many thanks,

  • We will soon fix the sorting issue. The resizing could possibly be introduced in future. Thanks for reporting.
  • Got it! Sounds good.

    Perhaps have an option for sorting - Order Created AND Alphabetical.

    Thanks! :)))
  • Hi @martynas_b,

    Ah! Just noticed that the tags now ARE alphabetized after the latest update.

    REALLY a big help! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    T H A N K Y O U ! ! !


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