Save link to Zotero - wasn't this possible some time ago via the browser addon?

As far as I remember, I sometimes used the capability of the Zotero browser add-on to not only save pages, but also links to files directly to Zotero (which then attached the actual files). That may have happened a long time ago...
But today, when I right-click on a link in Firefox, there is no menu entry for Zotero. When I right-click somewhere on the page there is one, but it is offering to save the page to Zotero. (In Chrome btw it highlights the whole link and offers to create 'Zotero item and note from selection'. That creates the item and attaches a note named after the text of the link.)

I would like to save some 'supporting information' of a paper, for example those xlsx files:

Of course one can simply download the files and then drag&drop them to Zotero - but then Zotero doesn't have the original URL of the file. Wasn't the browser add-on also meant for doing that? Or did I misconfigure something here?

  • You don't misremember, but this hasn't been possible for a long time. I believe this actually went away with Zotero within Firefox disappearing and Firefox simply doesn't allow add-ons to do this anymore
  • Ah, that makes a lot of sense!
    Maybe this feature could come back, but implemented in another way, compatible with Chrome etc. browsers?

    To say the truth, I absolutely have no idea on how that plugin stuff or communication with Zotero App is working, but since there are some add-ons that can do actions on links (like using it to open a new tab to submit on Internet Archive or more complicated things like Video Download helper), maybe there is a possibility to get to something close like this in the future...?
    This would be especially helpful for all non-PDF files that are not automatically caught by the site translators... (I have no idea if misusing a generic translator on-demand for this sounds like something that makes sense?)
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