Suppress / Make Optional the "Add Comment" Expansion of Focused Annotation Pane Items

edited October 8, 2023

Encourage the suppression of the auto-expanding

Add Comment

that is triggered any time a user taps on a comment in the Comments Pane.

For me, 9 times out of 10 I’m only trying to FOCUS to the highlight in the page.

The way the system works now: the abrupt jump, the color change and even the imperative tense are all slightly jarring - sort of requiring me to refocus my thoughts a bit. Once there’s 50+ highlights in a paper…having to do that SO OFTEN is a bit of a brain scrambler.

If possible, perhaps make it an option in settings, something like

“Always Transform to Add Comments on Focus”

Or, alternatively, put it in the right click menu at the top?

Or, Alt + click opens Add Comments?

Or, leave the add comments always visible. BUT as an TINY icon off in the lower right corner? That way we’d still save the vertical space.

I think it would be a good way to keep the handling of the documents from being less noisy.

For me, the material I have to work with taxes my poor wee mental faculties beyond all limits at times. Any way I can reduce the noise that occurs as I have to wade through the texts is a HUGE help.


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