iOS feature request: add copy citation and bibliography commands to share menu

At present I don’t believe it is possible to copy as citation or copy as bibliography while viewing a document on iOS. Instead, one has to return to the list page and long-press on the name of the entry.

Would it be possible to add these two commands to the share menu? Hopefully this would not be too difficult as the feature is already there, it is just not available while viewing the document. This would be particularly helpful when trying to quote from an article. At present, one has to copy the quote, switch to another app to paste it in, switch back to Zotero, return to the listing (while remembering the page number), long-press to copy the citation, enter the page number, switch back to the other app, then paste the citation. This is not optimal!

Ideally, there should be a ‘Copy as Quote’ command on the share menu or on the long-press menu which would copy the highlighted text and add the citation including page number. But in the short term simply making the Copy as Citation and Copy as Bibliography commands available within the viewer page would be very helpful.

Many thanks for all your work on the desktop and iOS versions of this amazing software.
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