PDF Extension lost?

I have a problem which was probably caused by syncing between iOS and MacOS, although it is hard to reconstruct: the file somehow lost the PDF extension, which means that I can no longer open it on the MacOS app. The iOS app seems to open it just fine. Annotations are still synced, but when opening it on the desktop app the viewer shows the annotations only, on the lhs panel, but not the PDF. When I rename the file on the MacOS to PDF it opens (in other viewers) just fine, so the file is not corrupted. In order to not loose my annotations, I exported the file with included annotations on iOS to PDF, transferred that to Mac, added the correct file extension, reimported to Zotero, and then reimported the anntations into the app. The new file syncs fine between the both apps. Sorry for the lengthy report, I am not sure myself what I am asking for. Perhaps the desktop app could be more flexible when file extensions are missing?
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