Zotero connector (Chrome) breaks other websites when logged in

While using Chrome, I had noticed a few websites that worked normally when I wasn't logged in to that website but that broke immediately after logging in. The most common way for them to break was for the entire webpage to load (flash) on the screen for a fraction of a second, and then for the webpage to go blank. (The background color would remain the same.)

I determined this was the fault of the Zotero Connector Chrome extension by disabling Chrome extensions one by one. It was very clear that when the Zotero extension was enabled this happened, and when it wasn't it didn't.

I started logging info through the Zotero Connector Chrome extension, enabled the extension for a website where it was breaking, and then submitted a debug log.
The debug ID is D1069734496.

I basically have to keep the Zotero Connector disabled for most websites and enabled only one-by-one now, which is very inconvenient. Please fix.

Thank you.
  • If you disable all other extensions but Zotero Connector does it work correctly? Can you go into the Zotero Connector Preferences -> Advanced and click Reset Translators, wait a minute, then restart the browser and see if it still occurs?
  • Sorry, I can't test this stuff because the issue mysteriously (to me) stopped happening. I was waiting to reply to your post until it happened again, but it hasn't yet after 2 weeks.

    This issue has re-occurred spontaneously over the past ~6 months, so I expect it will happen again. When that happens I will try the variations you requested and report back.

    Thank you for your help.
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