Zotero app for iOS: option to add with only a URL?

I have been using the “add to Zotero” bookmarklet in Firefox for years, because there wasn’t an iOS app. I’ve only just learned an iOS app exists, which is awesome. Is there a way to add an item via the app using a URL like the bookmarklet could do (assuming that URL is something helpful, like a university library’s permalink for the item)? I LOVE having the iOS app but I find myself backing out of the app and using the bookmarklet anyway if I’m looking at an article in, say, a journal issue TOC right that second and there’s a permalink right there. It makes me wonder why adding to Zotero using a URL isn’t an option in the app, if the bookmarklet can do it. (I know a DOI would be enough to add it, but Zotero has made me lazy: when clicking on links in footnotes of what I’m reading, I like to file the interesting citations away without having to drop what I’m reading to do it.)
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