'Application Memory' Mac issue/Storage issue

I've recently started using Zotero again, and have quickly run into a problem: my Mac laptop is telling me I have run out of 'Application Memory'. What this means, is I have 'so much' on my Zotero (a half dozen gigabytes at the moment) that my computer is at capacity for this particular type of data. My Mac has 80GB of memory left, but apparently that is for files saved to my computer, not the texts saved to Zotero as an outside app/software. I have only brushed the surface of how much data I will need to save to my Zotero, and I feel I do not actually have that many publications saved there yet! I'm sure other academics and graduate students have far more data saved to their Zotero, so if anyone could help me troubleshoot I'd appreciate it! With my Application Memory being so full, my computer runs very slowly and is glitchy.
  • No, you're confusing memory and storage (a very common mistake). How many files you store in Zotero doesn't have anything to do with Zotero's memory usage.

    If you open Activity Monitor and look in the Memory tab, how much memory is Zotero using? If you sort by the Memory column, what are the highest programs and their numbers?

    Memory usage is about how many programs you have running on your computer and how much data they're actively keeping around for processing. It's also possible for a program to have a memory leak, which would be fixed by restarting the program.

    In general, if you get an alert that your system is running low on memory, you should restart your computer and start fewer programs at once, and also pay attention to whether some program's memory usage (as shown in Activity Monitor) just keeps increasing forever without ever going back down, which would indicate a memory leak.
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