Is there a contact person to speak to or message about storage plans. I took a paid storage plan in May 2023 and then upgraded further around July. The storage plan renewal is now coming up and I can't work out how the new renewal date is calculated. In addition, I would like to know what happens if I downgrade and which part of my storage will be lost? I can't see any relevant info on the website.
  • You can try emailing storage@zotero.org, but generally speaking, switching to a higher storage tier will (I believe depending on timing) either
    a) be free at the time of upgrade and prorate the rest of your storage period: so, for example, if you have 9 month left on your storage subscription at the 2GB tier and upgrade to the 6GB tier (which is 3x as expensive), you will not pay anything immediately and be left with 3 month of storage.
    b) charge you the full price of your new subscription, adding the prorated duration of your existing storage to the end date: if you have 3 month left on your 2GB tier and upgrade to 6GB, you pay the full US$60, and your storage subscription end date is 12months + 3month/3, i.e. 13 month away.

    If you downgrade below your currently used storage level or let your storage subscription lapse, you don't have any control about which files exactly will be removed from the servers, though do note that storage only affect the storage and sync of attached files on Zotero File Storage: local storage and the syncing of metadata is always free and completely unaffected.
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