Zotero Error Report: Cannot change attachment linkMode

edited September 24, 2023
I got the error reported in title. I do not understand it.

Report ID: 937925963

This happened after 'Restoring Your Zotero Data From a Backup and Overwriting Synced Changes' and through 'Replace Online Library', after I made some changes by hand in zotero.sqlite (essentially, having attached links to 2 'equal' [except for metadata/bookmarks] pdf's, update the annotations of one as annotations of the other in the itemAnnotations table and remove the attachment of no interest in the itemAttachments table)
  • edited September 24, 2023
    I'm pretty sure that you are on your own if you edit the sqlite. There are.various APIs, local and server side, to edit Zotero data safely, but changing the data directly will cause exactly these types of issues.

    Edit oh wait, you are saying this is the backup before the edits? Still, just don't touch the sqlite, but that is likely different
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