can't select all items in zotero6

edited September 22, 2023
i don't know the reason why i can't select all items in zotero6 with the quick button "ctrl + A", this makes me refresh the items' information one by one whicn will waster much time, how can i solve this problem? thanks for your kindness.
  • Disable any third-party plugins you're running. Clicking an item and pressing Ctrl-A certainly works in general.
  • Thank you! But the methed doesn't work when i disable all third-party plugins.
  • Not sure what to tell you. We've never heard anything like this. Restart your computer.
  • Can you select multiple items using shift+click or ctrl+click?
    Also, to be clear, since you mention "refresh items' information" -- there is no bulk editing in Zotero, so you wouldn't be able to do anything with item information once you have multiple items selected.
  • Thank you, adamsmith. This question once i realized is when i want to use third-party plugins to update the items that only have topics or dois, but now i can only do it desperately. And as you mentioned, i can't also select multiple items using shift+click or ctrl+click?
  • Can you make a screen recording of what you're doing, upload it somewhere (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.), and provide a link here? If you can't select multiple items in the items list with no plugins installed, something is extremely wrong on your system.
  • Thank you, everyone. This problem i have solved. ZOTERO can select all items, and when i choose some or all items, it shows just one item has the line which gives me an illusion that i don't choose the items, but if i continue move it, i will see several items choosen in a transparent state. Thank you again.
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