Affiliation registered as author

I'm trying to add this item to my Library:

But 8 authors are added instead of 4, and the additional 4 authors are really the affiliation of the real authors ("University of Prešov in Prešov, Faculty of Management")
  • Alas, this has become common with several Eastern European publishers. The publishers are including author affiliations with author tags in both their embedded metadata and their RIS (and other) export formats. The institutions are included as authors in the metadata supplied to the DOI registry, as well.

    I edit the author list to delete the institutions after imported to Zotero.

    Be careful. Sometimes an author list will include an institution as a real author. For example : Person 1; Person 2; and American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on [something] or Person 1 and Korean Transportation Society Expert Council for Automated ...
  • Thanks for reporting -- in this case, though, that's a problem of the publisher. They reported incorrect metadata to CrossRef, from which Zotero gets the data. You can see the affiliations listed as author names here:

    Please report to them.
  • I, too, recommend writing to both the publisher and to the editor of the journal. I've written to the editors of 5 or 6 journals from Eastern Europe countries and Indonesia and Malaysia that have implemented this practice over the past couple of years. I pointed out that this might cause problems for authors of manuscripts and thus influence the manuscript acceptance and thereby the impact factor for their journal. I've received a couple of responses from editors who say that including the institutions in the author list is their standard practice. One of the editor's replies suggested a bit of offense that someone from the USA was questioning or trying to control them. Writing might be especially important if you are not from the U.S.
  • The problem here at least isn't including the affiliation as part of the author list. Affiliations are good metadata and CrossRef has a field for them. It's also debatable how author affiliations should be listed in less well-defined metadata formats like metatags in page headers.
    The issue here, is clear cut, though: a) authors are missing and b) affiliations are incorrectly listed as author names, both of which is unambiguously and internationally incorrect (and should be fixable)
  • It may also help if we notify CrossRef about this problem.
  • Worth a try, but unfortunately they don't touch metadata as a matter of policy
  • Another journal that includes affiliation among the author list.

    This is the publisher that responded to my comment about author list conventions by taking offense.
  • Yeah, their CrossRef metadata is even more broken. Maybe there is something CrossRef can do about this, at least in impressing upon members the importance of reasonably correct data entry.
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