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Is there any citation style available for Zotero that matches the guidelines below? I was looking for it in the Zotero Style Repository and in the Official repository for Citation Style Language (CSL) but couldn't find one so far.

• one author: first 3 chars plus year – e.g.[Lou90]
• two, three or four authors: first char of each family name plus year – e.g.[FH93] or [KSS97] or [LFTG97]
• more than 4 authors: first char of family name from first 3 authors followed by a ‘*’ followed by the year –e.g.[BFH*98] or [FvDF*93]
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    We only have 2 so-called label styles on the repository:

    (The CSL repository = Zotero Style repository)
  • Thanks for your reply! I saw them, it’s probably the closest but not quite what I am looking for. I’m surprised there’s no CSL file for this citation style. I saw EndNote has it, but obviously that doesn’t help. Are there any technical reason why no CSL files exists? If not, I probably have to write one myself.
  • As far as I know and see the "[FvDF*93]" format is not possible, no. Somebody else may confirm this.
  • Automatic generation of that type of custom citation label is not possible in CSL 1.0.2. You could manually add them to Extra like this:

    citation-label: FvDF*93

    Customized automatic citation label creation is planned for CSL 1.1
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    Thanks for the insight! Is there a timeline for CSL 1.1? I see there have been requests for this citation style in Zotero for over 10 years here. I'm still surprised this citation style hasn't been made possible earlier. I don't want to switch to EndNote for that.
  • Not going to happen any time very soon, I'm afraid.
    These citation styles are fairly rare, and most disciplines that use them (like Math) run almost entirely on LaTeX, so it's just not been much of a priority
  • Sounds like another 10 years. I guess I have to migrate to EndNote.
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