two feature recommendations


I would suggest two features for the pdf reader in zotero.

1- Locked scrolling. Currently one can only switch between entire page views by pressing arrow keys. However, using the mouse or trackpad will always lead to seeing half pages etc. It would be great to add a feature where you can turn on locked scrolling whereby scrolling with the mouse you also just switch pages. In Adobe Reader, this is called "Page View" vs "Scrolling".

2- It would be great to have a shortcut key to toggle between a pdf file open in the reader and notes if they are open in parallel in split view on Zotero in the reader. Unless, I am not aware of the key, for now it seems only doable by mouse.

PS! Getting the ability to choose standard view for the pdf reader would still be a huge help (two page zoom to page height for probably many people working on bigger screens).

Thank you,
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