Behavior of Advanced Search in Collection & Child Items

This is with beta 39, but I don't think it's actually a new issue:

If I combine a search of
collection -- is
with anything referring to attached items such as
Attachment file type -- is -- PDF

Item Type -- is -- Note

the result only includes top level PDFs (or notes). That means I can't run a search for something as straightforward as "return all PDF attachments in collection X".

Checking "include parent and child items" does find all items with PDF attachments *and* the PDF attachments proper, which is not what I want.

The behavior is consistent with the results for searching just for collection -- is, which produces only top-level items, but I don't think this is desirable behavior. Why wouldn't attachments be part of the collection they (and their parent item) are in?

Any chance of changing this (or at least a solution to finding all PDFs in a collection)?

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