Error 1591097642 (Upgrading failed)

Zotero told me I had to upgrade to 2.0rc1 in order to sync. But the upgrade failed and said:

"No fields in itemTypeFields!"

Error ID: 1591097642

I tried restarting Zotero and got the same error, with the following Error ID: 1745248170

My library is now inaccessible.
  • Further info: This is on a Mac running Firefox 3.5.6.

    Also, when I say my library is inaccessible, I mean that when I click on the Zotero logo, it just says "There was an error starting Zotero", and there is a yellow warning triangle over the logo.
  • And some further info: After I installed 2.0rc1 and restarted Firefox, I did get as far as the window telling me that my library would need to be upgraded. I pressed okay, and then it was after this (after it tried to upgrade the library), that I got the error described above. The same thing happened the second time.
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