Citation in Note Bug

If I insert a citation in a note and then later change the title of the item, the citation in the note does not update to reflect the title change.

Report ID: 980720556
  • Does it help if you disable all plugins?
  • The only plugin I run is Zutilo. I'm not sure how it would cause this bug.
  • Plugins regularly need updating and cause issues. Did deactivating help? You didn't say you tried or not.
  • How did you add the citation to the note and what citation text did you get?
  • I just tried disabling the Zutilo addon. After doing so the citation title does update when I change the item title, but oddly, after re-enabling Zutilo it still works! I'm sure it was not working yesterday when I made the original post. Perhaps disabling/enabling fixed the issue?
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