Style Editor "Refresh" Button: What's its purpose?

I wonder what the "Refresh" Button in the Style Editor actually does? The documentation mentiones a "Save" butten (which I also would expect there), but actually there are only a "Refresh" and "Save as" button. I thought, if I change the style in the editor (or paste changed style) and hit "Refresh", the changes would be applied to Zotero and the future bibliographies created with this style. But: no! Changes are not applied.

How do I change existing styles? I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm just stuck.
  • Refresh updates the items the current style displays (if you've changed them in Zotero)

    To update the style in Zotero, Save as, then double-click the saved style to install (if you just update an existing style, your changes will get overwritten on updates, so having a copy saved outside of Zotero is a good idea anyway -- though generally speaking you should almost always change the style ID)
  • Wow, that's really a quick answer, thanks :-) And it works perfectly!
    I did create my own style with changed ID and I also stored it externally, but I thought I had to edit/paste it within the Style-Editor. But your method is even more convenient! Thanks!
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