Zotero 7 Beta : Issues with windows resizing

edited September 19, 2023
I summarize some windows resizing problems in this screenshot.

For the main Zotero window (top left):
1) The right arrow in the tab headings bar disappeared. In the same size of the window, the arrow is correctly displayed from My Library.
2) The bottom part disappeared, including the tags and colors selector, and the horizontal scrollbar

In the separate PDF viewer windows:
3) Top right: Contrary to the main Zotero window, the tags and colors selector is still visible in the reduced window, which is probably the expected behaviour to see in the main Zotero window.
4) Bottom right: The window can be reduced to only the top bars
5) Bottom left: Using the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom, it displays empty space instead of the content of the PDF file. The same issue can also be observed in the main Zotero window.
6) Bottom left: The vertical scroll bar of the PDF file has disappeared.

7) Finally, some of the windows resizing appear to be lagging a bit in some cases.

Some of these may be unavoidable when resizing the windows. But I just mention them in case they can be improved.

Using Zotero 7.0.0-beta.40+24ae34104 (64-bit) on Windows 10 with all plugins disabled.
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