Bug 7.0.0-beta.40

When zotero opens a document, the tab bar on the lower left disappears. This bug has been fixed in previous versions, but now it reappears
  • Please be more specific in the title of your post.
    Do you mean the tags area at the bottom of the annotations pane of the PDF viewer? Or some scroll bar?
    Could you share a screenshot of the problem with all plugins disabled?
    Which operating system are you using?
  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e3LqB5ewg_YFRA0KKKMTFeMH8tGY1mOv/view?usp=sharing
    The red area should be the label and color in which the note appears.
    Have the interface functions changed? This issue has also occurred in previous versions
  • The colors selector should appear only if you have at least 2 different annotation colors in the PDF file you are currently viewing.
    The tags selector should appear only if you have tagged annotations in that file.

    If you still have the problem with multiple highlight colors and/or tags added to annotations, could you share a screenshot including these?
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    As mentioned previously, it is important to provide information with all plugins disabled. Could you share another screenshot showing the problem with all plugins disabled and also showing a larger view of your Zotero window?

    Are you saying that you never see the colors or the tags in the bottom left, with all plugins disabled? Otherwise, could you explain under which conditions you observe the problem?
    It is working fine for me on Windows 10, so I am trying to understand what could cause the problem for you.
    Is the Zotero window in full screen? The colors and tags selector does disappear if you reduce the size of the Zotero window, but I only see that when the Zotero window is in very small size.
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    Bug ID: 1721452049
    I turned off the plugin and maximized zotero. I set two color annotations as well as labels, but there is no corresponding label in the lower left corner.

    But I closed the sidebar on the right, and the tab appeared again
  • Do you still see the problem after disabling all plugins and restarting Zotero?
  • Yes, the plugin is currently closed and remains after restarting
  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yVEmnlxajwVRNxA1VsxFc8-OWx8SRgeC/view?usp=sharing
    The comments of this article save the parsing results of the PDF Figure plug-in, and some labels are displayed in the lower left corner. But this tab page is incomplete, because the icon label reaches Figure 16, and the subsequent ones are not displayed.

    I closed the plugin and restarted, and the other literature was not restored.
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    Please focus on trying to reproduce your problem in a reliable way that is completely free from any influence from your plugins and then provide here precise steps to reproduce.

    You should really focus on identifying the origin of the problem:
    - Either it is a problem related to a plugin, and you will have a much better chance of solving the problem by reporting to the plugin developer on GitHub,
    - Or it is a problem in Zotero, and in that case you need to provide clear steps to reproduce independently of any influence from the plugins.

    The images you provide all have some aspects that seem to be produced by your plugins, suggesting that something went wrong in one of your plugin operations. Showing more examples of your problem with plugins enabled or including data produce by your plugins is not helpful for identifying and solving your problem.

    You show examples where colors and tags do appear in the bottom of the annotations pane. Therefore, it means that you do not observe the problem all the time or on all PDF files.
    - Can you characterize when you see the problem or is it completely random?
    - Do you see the problem for all items in your library, even items that have not been modified by your plugins?
    Could you try following these steps to see if the problem still occurs for a new item created with all plugins disabled?
    1) Disable all plugins
    2) Restart Zotero
    3) Add a new item with an attached PDF file
    4) Add annotations to the PDF file with different colors and tags.
    -> Check if you still see the problem in that file.

    - Have you used any custom script in the plugin Actions and Tags for Zotero?
    - Do you remember if you had the problem before installing this plugin, or if the problem appeared after installing any specific plugin?

    Finally, I would recommend providing a Debug ID during which you open a PDF file for which the tags and colors are not displayed, so that the devs could check if they can find something useful in there.
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