How to copy citation in clipboard in bibtex format?

Ctr+Shift+C copies in the clipboard as latex cite: \cite{label}. To take reference in BibTeX format I have to open the bib file and copy from it. Another way is to export the document in a bib file. Maybe it is possible to copy in the clipboard directly in bibtex format? I did not find this option in Zotero.
  • By default, Quick Copy (i.e. ctrl+shift+c) copies the full bibtex of the selected items. If it doesn't you've set up something custom, possible related to Better BibTeX and/or Zutilo. (in fact, getting the citekeys/\cite{label} format at all requires special set-up work)
  • Yes, I changed ctrl+shift+c to copy in Latex format, and do not want to change this setting. But at the same time, I'd like to copy it to a clipboard in the Bibtex format. Maybe, there is a hotkee to make this?
  • You can set up Zutilo to add multiple quick copy shortcuts -- see the add-ons details.
  • If you are using Zotero to write in LaTeX, you should definitely install and use the BetterBibTeX plugin. It adds a lot of features that facilitate writing in TeX.
  • I use BBT, but it has no possibility to use two different QuickCopy simultaneously. I use QuickCopy in Latex form as \cite{}, but sometimes I need (maybe you too) to copy the Bibtex source in the clipboard. Zutilo has the possibility to make three different QuickCopy. I made a second one to copy Bibtex's source of paper.
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