Updating The Biochemical Journal Format?

I am trying to prepare a version of Vancouver format for my article in the Biochemical Journal under the guidelines from https://portlandpress.com/biochemj/pages/submission_checklist#References which I have quoted below. I originally tried to use the Biochemical Journal format from Zotero, but this was last updated in 2014 and seems to be incorrect relative to the guidelines we have today.

Essentially, I need a Vancouver format that includes just the DOI (no https://doi...) and also has some bolding and italicizing as well.

From website: Please use the Vancouver style for all references. Please format your reference list to include the relevant DOI (digital object identifier) wherever possible. All references must be numbered consecutively within the text and listed in numerical order in the reference list. Where a reference includes more than six authors, please list the first six names followed by ‘et al’.
Walker, N., Manwaring, Z., Rowe, O., Rodriguez, J., Glaister, K., Raanan, D, et al. (2023) Emergent reference pathways and citation explorations. Port Pubs. 67, 1-3 10.1042/PPL_12345678

Any tips on how I can update the Biochemical Journal Zotero format file? Thanks for any tips!
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