Remove Comma if there is no locator

Hey, I try to adapt my Citation Style for law. I want the following:
[Author], [Title] [Year], [First Page], if locator page is present; [locator page],; [nothing].

If there is a locator (adding it in the quick citation pane) it shall be: Hustus, NStZ 2016, 65, 67.
If there is no locator because I am referring to the article in whole, not to a special page/pinpoint, it shall be: Hustus, NStZ 2016, 65.

I tried to solve that with the condition "if locator is present" and added a comma as a suffix. If no locator is present it shall just be the first pae. In the Visual CSL Editor it is working, however in my document, if there is no locator it still appears as Hustus, NStZ 2016, 65,. with the comma. What am I doing wrong?

Here is the style.

  • Without looking at the specifics of the style (unclear exactly what you're trying to do where, since the locator comes up 5 times or so), systematically you want to add the locator either using a group delimiter or putting the comma as a prefix to the locator. No need to run complicated tests for this.
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