Translator problem ?

Good morning,

First of all, the message below is an automatic translation, the original message being in French... I hope the translator doesn't make too many mistakes...

My computer is broken and I can't buy a new one.
I'm trying a portable configuration of zotero and mozilla which doesn't work.
I know zotero portable is not official, but I don't understand where the error can come from and I hope you can help me understand.

My configuration:
Mozilla Firefox (PortableApps) 117.0.1
Zotero (PortableApps) 6.0.27
Zotero Connector 5.0.111

I had great difficulty installing the Zotero connector, with a download not starting. I ended up downloading the XPI (not without difficulty) and installing it manually.

I'm trying to download metadata for several books, with no success.

For example "Be your own herbalist",

from Google Books:
The error message is: "An error occurred while registering with an API. Trying to register using DOI instead."
No error messages AND no registration with DOI.
Web page works (but doesn't interest me...)

from WorldCat:
The result is the same as with Google Books.

I temporarily accepted all cookies and removed my antivirus. I don't use a proxy. I configured Firefox to be as permissive as possible.
I don't understand.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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