Accession numbers showing when searching Zotero

Recently when I search Zotero for anything it will show me related articles and then for some has an open note with the Accession number etc. Is there a way to stop this as it is making searching for articles a bit more laborious? Thanks
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    What does it say for Library Catalog for one of the items where you're seeing a note like this, and what's the DOI/URL, if there is one?
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    (But the framing here also sounds like somewhat of a misunderstanding. A note would only show up in black if it actually matches your search — e.g., if you searched for "Accession" or the number. If it's just a child note on the item and doesn't actually match the search, it will show up in gray as a context row if another child item (e.g., an attachment) matches the search. But that doesn't really have anything to do with searching specifically. Your question would just be why these child notes are being created for some items.)
  • Yes dstillman, you are right. Really I am asking why these child notes are being created and is there a way to remove them collectively

    This is an example 'Accession Number: 37384432. Language: English. Date Revised: 20230629. Date Created: 20230629. Update Code: 20230630. Publication Type: Journal Article. Journal ID: 9710936. Publication Model: Print-Electronic. Cited Medium: Internet. NLM ISO Abbr: Health Promot J Austr. Linked References: Australian Institute of Health Welfare. Maternal deaths in Australia. Canberra: AIHW; 2020.; Arifin SRM, Cheyne H, Maxwell M. Review of the prevalence of postnatal depression across cultures. AIMS Public Health. 2018;5(3):260-95.; Pritchett RV, Daley AJ, Jolly K. Does aerobic exercise reduce postpartum depressive symptoms? A systematic review and meta-analysis. Br J Gen Pract. 2017;67(663):e684-e91.; Opie RS, Uldrich AC, Ball K. Maternal postpartum diet and postpartum depression: a systematic review. Matern Child Health J. 2020;24(8):966-78.; Bhati S, Richards K. A systematic review of the relationship between postpartum sleep disturbance and postpartum depression. J Obstet Gynecol Neonatal Nurs. 2015;44(3):350-7.; van der Waerden J, Nakamura A, Pryor L, Charles MA, el-Khoury F, Dargent-Molina P. Domain-specific physical activity....'
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