Sync problem: not uploading to WebDAV from ipad

I'm using WebDAV server to sync files between win11 and ipad. I uesd to sync correctly between win11 and ipad, but I recently found I could't upload my notes that I made on ipad to WebDAV server. However, the changes I made on zotero on win11 can successfully be uploaded to WebDAV. The network on ipad is working fine and I'm able to download newly changed files from WebDAV to ipad. I thought the upload process on ipad is automatic and I used to upload files from ipad to WebDAV correctly(couple of months ago), so I am confused now.
  • See Files Not Syncing, and if you’re still having trouble provide the requested info.
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    sorry for providing incomplete information.
    My debug id: D584664575. (pulling down on the items list to trigger a sync)
    debug id: D2119565913. (pulling down to sync after adding a new note)
    The changed files on ipad still didn't be uploaded to WebDAV.
  • I continue to try zotero on iphone which is also sync through WebDAV. The weird thing is that I can see the notes that I newly made on ipad, even though there is no record of upload on WebDAV server.
  • Wait, are you talking about files or are you talking about items (including notes)? Items don't have anything to do with WebDAV.

    If you're talking about items, see Changes Not Syncing.
  • I meant the annotation(like highlight and underlines) on PDF. Everytime I make annotation on win11 and click the sync button, I would see the corresponding upload record on WebDAV server, and I can get the annotation on PDF to ipad. But the annotations I made on ipad seems like cannot be uploaded to WebDAV. The page changes_not_syncing seems like couldn't solve my problem, am I looking in the wrong place?
  • Annotations made in Zotero are stored in the database and don’t have anything to do with file syncing. You won’t see any changes on the WebDAV server and you won’t see the annotations in an external PDF reader on the desktop.
  • I think it used to work on zotero pdf reader, not a external PDF reader. sorry I mixed it up.
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