Missing tags after switching computers

Hello! I got a new MacBook, and when I transferred everything onto it from a backup of my old MacBook, I thought everything in Zotero transferred over. Since the move, I created a new collection and put previously highlighted/tagged papers in this new collection. In the tag selector, I can still see all my tags, and when I click on them, the relevant papers come up. However, I'd tagged highlighted passages within these papers, but now I can't see any of those tags. I'm very confused as to how the selector is showing bringing up papers that once had tags, but now I can't actually see where any of the tags are within the paper. Any thoughts on what went wrong and how to get my tags back? Thank you!
  • Was this addressed by your other thread? If not, can you explain exactly where you're looking for the tags?

    If you transferred your data directory, you'd have exactly the same library.
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    So, if I'm looking at the list of papers in a collection, go in to the tag selector and click on a particular tag, the list shrinks to just show all the papers I used that tag in. However, when I actually go into a theoretically tagged paper, there are no tags. I can click on a highlighted section and there's an option to add a tag, and I can see a list on the left of all the highlighted sections (the annotation pane?) but when I scroll to the bottom, there are no tags listed (unlike the papers I've tagged since moving to my new computer--those have a list of tags under the list of the highlighted section). So, Zotero seems to be aware there were tags, because they show up in the list of relevant papers when I click from the tag selector, but in the actual paper itself, I can't find the tags. It's very strange!
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    Why do you think they're annotation tags? It sounds like they're just tags assigned to the items.

    If you think something is wrong, we'd want the zotero.org URL after clicking on the parent item in the web library as well as a tag you can't find.
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