Word plugin ribbon isn't showing in specific file

Hey everyone,
I was sent a word file for correction and I wanted to check some zotero options in this (not change it, since it already has some zotero citations from a different computer). However, I noticed, if I open this specific file, the zotero ribbon isn't showing. I thought the plugin might be broken, but every other word file (even when opening a new word doc with file -> new) show the ribbon. Why is this specific file not showing it?
  • I don't know that we've ever heard of that, but just to speculate, the file itself might be adding another menu to the ribbon that's pushing Zotero into an overflow menu (I think accessible by clicking on some arrow icon at the end of the ribbon).

    If this is an institutional computer, the file could maybe also have macros embedded that are being blocked, and that might be somehow affecting the Zotero plugin — but I'm just making that up. That shouldn't happen.
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