Zotero 7: beta 39 -- Attached files don't copy to group library

I created a group library and copied items from My Library to the Group Library, but the attached files don't copy (even though they seem to appear in the Group Library, they are not found).

1. It's a private group
2. Settings/General--groups: all 5 boxes are checked
3. Sync is enabled
4. Attachments don't even show up on web library, but in the right hand pane, under attachments they show up, but are "grayed" out.

What am I missing (I don't use groups very much)?
  • The files have to have existed locally when you first dragged the items, which they might not if, for example, you're using "downloaded as needed" file-sync mode.

    As long as the files are accessible in your personal library, you can delete the items in the group library and drag again and they should be copied.

    (This will be improved in the future to automatically download files as necessary before copying and to allow easier re-dragging.)
  • Thanks @dstillman. Deleting the items in the group and re-dragging worked (even though the files existed locally when I first dragged the items.)

    Anyhow...all is well. Thanks!
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