APA Style Bibliography Problems

Hi dear Community,

APA Style does not show in the bibliography the time when I accessed a document or website. This is also not shown in the preview option. However, this is required by my university and Zotero automatically keeps this metadata. Only this is not displayed. Can anyone help me?

I am running macOS Ventura 13.5, using Zotero 6.0.27 and citing with APA 7th edition (note).
  • The APA Manual doesn't want access dates except in rare cases. You are sure they are required for you? And you have to use APA style?
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    Hi Adam, thanks for your answer. Yes, unfortunately my study regulations state the following:

    For Internet sources, in addition to the authors, title information and year of publication, the address of the page (URL) should be indicated. In addition, the date of access (the time when the information was taken from the net) should be noted:
    Sepe, Tiziana (2019). Citing APA: How this citation works! unicum.com. [Online] 2019. [Cited from: 12. 05 2021.] https://www.unicum.de/de/erfolgreich-studieren/hausarbeit-co/apa-zitieren

    The Insert [online] can be omitted, the URL shows that it is an online source. Instead of "citation from ..." other references are also common, such as "last on..." or "retrieved on...".

    I already saw YouTube Videos where the bibliography automatically puts the access date in, but unfortunately they didn't talk about a specific feature or tick in the box that they did, to provide that feature.

    No I don't specifically have to use APA style. But I am pretty used to it and it worked for me in the past, when I had to write term papers or so, where it wasn't that strict. But this time I am writing my bachelor-thesis and would like to meet the regulations
  • Right, but the above example isn't APA in any other way. So what are the rules exactly? Do you have a specific style you need to follow or is it any style with access dates. We have hundreds of styles that will always give you the access date.
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