Zotero Duplicate Items Issue

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Is there any way we can remove duplicate items on google instead of the actual application? Is there any way to make the process faster, if we are using the application, and say dealing with 80 thousand files. How could one make this work faster?
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    As no one else has yet tried to help I'll ask questions to help clarify and focus your problem.

    Please say more about how you think Google might help instead of using the "actual application " . By application I assume you mean Zotero on your computer. I guess that you mean the Google website on your computer browser. Are these "files" still on Google / Google Scholar or have you already imported the records to Zotero?

    Are you saying that you have 80 thousand Zotero records?
    What operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux, and version).
    How much memory does your computer have?
    Are you using an SSD or spinning disk?

    Are you concerned about the amount of time required to run the Zotero duplicate detection utility or the time and effort required to examine and merge duplicates that you have already identified?

    I'm assuming that by "files" you mean the number of (parent) items in your library many of which also have attached PDF documents, notes, etc.

    Did you download the items to your Zotero library from online databases and publisher websites?
  • I'm guessing this just means in the web library on this site (i.e., with Google Chrome) instead of in the desktop app? Duplicate detection and merging aren't available in the web library.
  • Yeah I meant saved files that I have in my library on the zotero application on my macbook.
  • The records have been imported into Zotero. The issue I'm having is the speed at which I am able to duplicate/merge files at, is there any way to make this process quicker?
  • I believe one of the newer add-ons allows merging all duplicates (though won't protect you against false positives)
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