How to cite a journal article that is "in review"?

I'd like to cite a journal article that is "in review". I understand how to enter all the typical information to build a citation but I need help figuring out how to get the in-text and full citations to say "In review".

For example, I want something like:
In-text: (Johnston and Pancoast, 2023, in review)
Full citation: Johnston, K., A. Pancoast. 2023. Fake journal article title. In Review.
  • Which citation style is that? Most citation styles would frown upon adding a date for "in review" articles (or honestly, even citing them) -- you don't know if the piece is ever going to be published (unless there's a preprint in which case you should cite that).

    If you don't need a date, you can just put "in review" into the date field and that works fine for most purposes.

    If you do need both date and things like in review/in press/forthcoming, but the latter into the extra field like so
    Status: in press
    That can get picked up by citation styles (e.g., APA uses it).
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