Error to syncrhonise

Report ID: 792545971

I want to relocate the preferred Data Directory Location from Default (in C:\Users) to a Custom Data Directory Location in a Zotero folder in my Google Drive. I followed the steps suggested to change the Data Directory Location. Still, I must have done something wrong when copying and pasting files from the Zotero folder in the C:\Users to the Zotero folder in Google Drive.

All collection folders showed up, but the full-texts in the PDF form were not quite there. The PDF icons in the attachment column showed up in transparent. I tried to re-attach the PDF, but neither the Link to the URL nor the Stored Copy of the File worked. I can re-attach the PDFs one by one, manually locating the PDF by downloading the full text and saving it to the storage folder in my Zotero folder in Google Drive. That will take a very long time to do. I am unsure what I can do, considering I am not tech-savvy.

I hope there will be a way (I expect it might be complicated) for me to synchronise the PDFs. Thank you.
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