Zotero 7 Beta: Settings menu tab loses context in subwindows

When you go into a subwindow of any of the Settings windows, the highlight on the main menu tab (vertical left) is lost, visually. For example, if you are in the General tab of Settings, that tab is highlighted. If you then click on the button labeled "Customize Filename Format," a subwindow is opened and the highlight disappears from the main Settings menu. If you are moving through these options to look for something, you lose your sense of where you are and what you've already looked at. I would like each Settings tab to stay highlighted as long as I am in that window or its subwindows.

Here is a screenshot of the Filename Formatting window, with its host Setting tab deselected: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nqkX2A0GtLhBt8uLtrrbIkbWsKBE4BL8&usp=drive_fs
  • Different software has different approaches here. We're doing what Firefox does in its settings, and I'd say the argument is that it conveys that you're not actually in the main pane of that tab anymore. macOS Settings does what you suggest, keeping the selection in the left sidebar when you click into subpanes. I think an argument can be made either way, but I suppose I'm marginally in favor of the latter. We'll consider it.
  • We've changed this for the next beta.
  • Thanks so much, Dan!
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