Item tags vs. annotation tags

edited September 15, 2023
I feel that items tags and annotation tags are very different, as they are used in a different context (items in the library vs. annotations in a single item). Therefore, when searching for a specific tag, I often want to search for either an item tag or an annotation tag. But, at the moment, I cannot distinguish between them when searching from the Tag Selector in the bottom left of the My Library tab.

It would be nice to be able to filter by tag type from the bottom right button of the Tag Selector, so that filtering only item tags for example would only show tags made on items but not the annotation tags. I think that this would help a lot simplifying the Tag Selector, especially for those who are used to seeing only item tags in there. But also help me search for a citation that I remember tagging in a paper.

In the same idea, if I select an annotation tag in the Tag Selector, I cannot see whether a specific item in the results shown in the central pane has this tag as an item tag or an annotation tag or both. I need to open the Tags tab in the Item Pane of that item, check for the parent item and then all child items to finally conclude that if it does not show up there, it must be an annotation tag. But still, I would still not know if a tag is both an item tag and an annotation tag until I open the viewer of all child items and check whether the tag shows up there.
I think that it would be nice if the Tags tab in the Item Pane would show all the tags within that item. So:
- From a parent item, it would show all the item tags for the parent item and for the child items, and all the annotation tags in all the child items.
- From a child item, it would show all the item tags for that child item and all the annotation tags in that child item.

The Tags tab in the Item Pane has plenty of space to display all this information. You would only need to make a sub-heading in that tab (or sub-panes) to separate the different levels the tag belongs to:
- Parent item (maybe not needed to show it for a child item)
- Child item
- Annotations
The same tag could potentially be in different levels at the same time.

These kind of features could then easily be extended to implicit note tags when they are implemented.
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