Unable to install software update. Set up automatic updates.

I have 6.0.26. Got an error message saying "A recommended update is available, but you do not have the permission to install it. To update automatically, modify Zotero program directory to be writeable by your user account." I do not want to manually download the new version, can you walk me through the steps how to set up/allow automatic update and installation? Thank you.
  • That's a permissions problem on your computer and not something we can help with. If you're not the admin user, you'd have to have the admin user perform the update.
  • I am also facing the same issue. Is it that during the installation we had to set this permission?
  • @Balbeer: No. This isn't something you'd have to worry about on most systems. If you're not the administrator on your computer, though, you might get this error, and the administrator would have to update Zotero.
  • But the same issue I am facing in my laptop also which runs on the pop-os Linux distribution.
  • I'm afraid we have to assume you know how to administer your own system on Linux. If you're having trouble, you should use the zotero-deb package instead of the tarball.
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