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I am hoping you can help. I am writing my first book and my manuscript is due tomorrow (!!). All of my citations are in Zotero, but the press wants them to be endnotes in Word. I learned that I can get there by 1) reformatting the Zotero cites to a footnote format (I use Bluebook style to do this) 2) unlinking all of my Zotero citations and 3) converting all footnotes to endnotes in Word. [Note: The reasons I can't just use an endnote style in Zotero is because the endnotes must be combined with the endnotes that already exist in Word and need to stay linked in word, not zotero]

That is a lot of backstory, but the challenges are these:
1. I need to find or create a Zotero style that will create this format: Arabic numerals in superscript in-text and Author (Year: pg). in the footnote. I have very little experience modifying styles and did not have much success with it earlier today.
2. Zotero keeps throwing an error when I try to change the citation format in my manuscript. This is the error: "Zotero experienced an error updating your document. Would you like to view troubleshooting instructions." Could it be because my manuscript is huge? Absolutely! It is 218 pages with 500 unique references. However, the press insists on having the whole thing in a single document, so there is no way around that.

I did view the troubleshooting instructions, and here is what I have tried:
1. Restarting word and zotero
2. Making sure both applications are up to date Word 16.77 for Mac, Zotero 6.0.26 for Mac
3. Changing the references in a different document. It didn't work, even with one chapter that was only 30 pgs long (though I did manage to get it to work for one chapter for one magical moment this afternoon. That appears impossible to replicate).
4. Creating a brand new doc (I copied and pasted a portion of the chapter into it). That did allow me to change the references.
5. Restarting my computer
6. Shutting all other applications

Have you ever seen this before? What do you recommend?
Help me Zotero One Kenobi. You are my only hope.

Thank you,

  • You don’t need to unlink citations. Just switch to a note style (like Bluebook or Chicago) and select Endnotes from the Document Preferences window in the Zotero tab in Word
  • How would that integrate the endnotes that are already in word that were inserted using the add endnote function in word?
  • All the references and notes need to be in a single list. Also, the list has to start over for each chapter and my understanding is that word can do that, but Zotero cannot. Perhaps you know another way?
  • The footnotes/endnotes that Zotero inserts for a note style like Bluebook or Chicago are just Word footnotes. They are exactly the same thing. Citations will integrate with Word endnotes fine—all Zotero does is tell Word “insert an endnote here” and then puts in the citation text in the resulting note.

    You can have note numbers start over each chapter in Word by inserting section breaks between chapters and setting the Word endnote preferences to restart numbering with each chapter.
  • @bwiernik, that is super helpful info. Can you help me understand why the endnotes that I insert in Word stay separate from the Endnote references? Does that vary by style?
  • I’m not sure what you mean. Can you take a screenshot, upload it somewhere, and give a link here?
  • Sure. Here are two screenshots. One is my reference section. I added these using Zotero. The other is my endnotes. I added those in Word by going to Insert-->Footnote-->Endnote-->Insert. I ultimately needed to make these two lists into a single list that was ordered according to the location in the document (so the references would have numbers in text and then be listed in the order of those numbers. They would not be alphabetical as they are here). What is your recommendation for combining these into a single, sequential list?
  • @lizchiarello: You will want to make a copy for your publisher that you disconnect from Zotero. They'll see a lot of trash in the notes, otherwise.

    I'm not completely clear on how you entered the Zotero notes. Are your nonZotero notes entered as endnotes and your Zotero notes entered as footnotes?
  • What citation style are you using exactly?
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    If it’s a Note style (so that the citations are inserted into Word footnotes/endnotes and not in-text), then you shouldn’t insert a bibliography.

    Instead, set the Zotero Document Preferences to insert Endnotes, and these will integrate with any other Word Endnotes you insert.
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