Annotating PDF attachments

edited September 14, 2023
I love text annotation in PDF document of the style like in e.g. macOS Preview app, much more than note style currently supported by Zotero pdf reader as former ones enables higher level of productivity in Zotero usage.
Means annotation is presented to user in direct way without any mouse-click be needed.

Currently to add such annotations one needs first find for open document the item in library then the disk file; in effect of which one can open pdf document in app external to Zotero yet supporting cleartext annotations, add annotation and save to disk.
Back to Zotero pdf reader, fortunately pdf document edited externally opens properly and without error messages. Annotations added externally to pdf is present in document too when reading it in Zotero pdf reader.
I am not sure however if lack of troubles is incident or such proceeding in fact supported by Zotero design.
  • I'm having a hard time following this. You can set Zotero to default to an external PDF reader completely, but mixing an external and Zotero's reader won't generally work well.
  • Zotero in its current form doesn't support satisfying level of usability. Therefore I am forced to used additional means, e.g. the point as this discussion.
  • That's fine -- as I say, you can just default to a different PDF reader (in the General tab of the preferences). There is an add-on that allows you to pick the reader on right-click, but you're really not going to do yourself any favors jumping back and forth between tools to annotate with. Just pick one.
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