Links don't work

I have a set of zotero links in a pdf I received. So, I installed Zotero and the Chrome plugin (the firefox plugin won't install) and set up an account. I click on the link in the pdf and continue to get the following message:
"Zotero and Google Docs
You likely ended up here by clicking on a citation created by Zotero in a Google Doc.
To safely edit the document, you should install the Zotero Connector for your browser."

I don't even want to edit the docs... just want to access them! What do I need to do???
  • The person who gave you the document just exported it incorrectly. They should have unlinked citations in a copy of the document before exporting (and the Zotero Connector should've warned them to do that). Those links aren't meant to be there at all in your version — they're just the mechanism Zotero uses to store citation metadata in Google Docs while the person is editing the document with Zotero.
  • Thank you, dstillman. I've worked around the problem, but good to understand what happened.
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