No sync from IPAD -> Zotero Online -> MacBook

Opening a file on my ipad zotero app and then scribbling a few lines or highlighting text does not sync the updates to the Zotero app on my macbook, but does sync to zotero online. I have automatic syncing turned on, both devices are syncing through zotero and not webdav (at sync time), both devices are on the same account. Any suggestions for a fix?
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    See Changes Not Syncing for what we'd need to debug.
  • 1) Looking in the wrong place
    I see all appropriate files, collections, etc.

    2) Sync process hasn't completed
    I see the edited file in the online library with updates from the iPad. Automatically and manually syncing with in the MacBook app does not update the edited file on my macbook.

    3) You've received a sync error
    I do not receive sync errors

    4) The library isn't set to sync
    The library I want to sync does have a checkmark next to it

    5) You're syncing with the wrong account.
    MacBook, iPad, and online are all within the same account. I am not using a group library to hold my files. I use the main library. Is the the issue? Everything should be transferred to a group library?
  • No, you don't need a group library, My Library should sync.
    Do other changes sync across devices? E.g., if you add a regular note to an item on your iPad, does that show up on your desktop?
    Also, you are looking at items on your Desktop with the Zotero PDF reader, right? Zotero annotations will only be visible in Zotero's own PDF reader unless exported.

    If that doesn't help, move on to step 6 then, and read that closely to avoid having to do this multiple times.
  • Open PDF was defaulted to system, not Zotero, which was my issue. At the time I figured that Zotero would update/export annotations even when using system default, which is preview.

    Thank you for the quick responses!
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