Google doc citation panes on Windows machine

edited September 12, 2023
While working in Google docs on a Windows machine, often when I add a citation (for the first or the nth time) the pop up panes (the citation style pane or the search pane to find the items to cite) seem to open in the background rather than the foreground. As in, I have to go to the task bar to click on the new Zotero pane that opened up.

This is not the case every time, but it does happen frequently on my own and other's Windows machines. It does not seem to happen at all on my Mac.

I'm not sure if it's a settings issues or something else. I will look into it further, but I wanted to put it in the forums in case others have already figured out the cause.


EDIT: I believe this is due to Window's privacy settings or foreground-timeout setting.
  • Unfortunately Zotero has limited control over which windows appear in front. This is controlled by the OS.

    In the past users had this problem when minimizing the Zotero window (by clicking the minimize button, instead of simply switching to their browser), so if that's part of your workflow, you can try changing that.
  • I have the same problem. I have my mouse set so that when the cursor hovers over a window for more than 1 sec. it gets the focus automatically. This causes the citation pane to move to the background. I wish there were an "always on top" setting for the citation pane.
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