According to the folks who maintain our openurl resolver, we need a sid on every url.

we also have to supply a year for any resolution to take place.

1) would it be possible to supply some sort of format string to add to the open
url, a fixed string, but with embedded %identifiers for fields in the citation
2) hey, a fragment of xsl? or javascript, that is passed a citation structure,
and returns the string to add.
3) a hook that might take the current openurl string, plus the current citation,
and return a possible reformatted open url?

Otherwise I won't be able to use my own resolver -- I don't get to make the rules on how it works.
Thanks a lot,
  • Here's a little more detail on a similar issue. My library runs Innovative's WebBridge link resolver, which seems also to require an sid for each request.

    Why Aren't Ebooks More Successful? Crawford, Walt. Econtent 29.8, 44.

    Zotero generates this based on what I put into the custom OpenURL preference:
    <;atitle=Why Aren't Ebooks More Successful?&amp;title=EContent&amp;volume=29&amp;issue=8&amp;aufirst=Walt&amp;aulast=Crawford&amp;au=Walt Crawford&amp;date=2006-10&amp;pages=44&amp;issn=15252531&gt;

    This pings the resolver and gets our "we don't have that" error message.

    From a previous forum post I read that Zotero uses "zotero" as an sid, so I set that up in our resolver.

    However, when I rewrote the URL to add an sid it works perfectly:
    <;genre=article&amp;atitle=Why Aren't Ebooks More Successful?&amp;title=EContent&amp;volume=29&amp;issue=8&amp;aufirst=Walt&amp;aulast=Crawford&amp;au=Walt Crawford&amp;date=2006-10&amp;pages=44&amp;issn=15252531&gt;

    So, picking up on zpinhead's comment, is it possible to add the sid to the string Zotero sends? You should be able to add it at either end.

    I'm happy to provide more details if it would be useful.

  • Has any change happened in z 1.5 for this? it is still necessary for
    any openurl that is sent to our resolver to have a sid, and I cannot provide it
    through zotero (at least, I don't know how). As far as I can tell the
    situation above still holds.

    At the moment, when z generates the openurl, it ADDS the '?'.
    Just don't do that, then I could put in my resolver address ...
    z would add everything after the string, and everything would be hunky dory.

    How has openurl logic improved in 1.5?
  • igw
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    I think I have the same problem (zotero 2.0b4).
    When using the openurl-resolver of my institution

    it responds that the Referrer Identifier "rfr_id=" is missing, but looking at an address from another database that works, the main difference to the address that zotero produces seems to be that it includes an "sid=" field.

    Is there a way to add that to zotero?
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    zpinhead, igw, cstrauber,

    I've just now posted a patch on the dev list that is meant to address this issue. If anyone reading this has this need, and is comfortable with unpacking the zotero.jar file and applying a patch, you can help the cause by testing the patch out to see if it works.

    (With the patch, you should be able to add the "?" and the (static) URL encoded sid var to the query string, and Zotero will add the rest of the query without adding another "?".)

    If someone tests the patch, please report the results to the zotero-dev thread linked above, so that the development team will have the patch and the comments from your trial in a single location.

    Frank Bennett
  • Is there any update to this question? We are also using Innovative's WebBridge Open URL resolver at our library,and no sid is being produced when we click on Locate.
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    My simple patch is still available on zotero-dev, and it looks like it will still apply cleanly to the latest Zotero sources. It does need to be tested, though. If someone with access to such a resolver could patch a copy of Zotero and check that the patch actually works to solve this problem, you would be in a better position to push for its inclusion.
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    [bump] Anyone out there able to test this patch for openURL resolvers that require an sid in the query string? The issue comes up from time to time, and the very simple solution is waiting here for someone to pick it up and test it. Until someone verifies that it actually addresses this issue, it's a safe bet that it won't make its way into Zotero.
  • I've applied a modified version of this patch in the latest dev build, and it'll be included in 2.0b7.6. Zotero will now append '&' instead of '?' if there's already a '?' in the resolver URL. Thanks to Frank for the patch.
  • I was wondering whether this issue could be revisited.
    Although the patch now allows the appending of a sid/rfr_id key/value to a user defined custom openurl resolver, it still doesn't address the issue that Zotero could, and should (in the absence of a user-defined value), append its own sid/rfr_id value when generating the openurl. The addition of this data doesn't interfere with those resolvers which don't need the key defined, but it definitely helps those resolvers that do need it.
    As it stands, the custom definition needs to include this value,for at least the WebBridge product, and it has to be either "sid" or "rfr_id" depending on the version of OpenURL selected by the user.
  • The trunk was recently changed so that Zotero does this for v.1.0 resolvers:
  • Thanks for prompt response.
    However does "Zotero.version" refer to the version of Zotero, or the version of OpenURL used?
    If it is the version of Zotero, this won't work too well, as the sid/rfr_id would change with each version of Zotero.
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