Zotero Connector & EBSCO Discovery Service

Hello - I'm posting this as a new thread per Zotero forum guidelines.

Back in May 2023, the Zotero browser connector was working properly with EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS). However, something must have changed over the summer and the connector is no longer recognizing metadata in EDS records (imports everything as a website with empty fields).

We've done a lot to promote Zotero on our campus. I'm hoping this can be fixed easily.

Our library offers guest access to EDS if you'd like to use us as an example: https://research.ebsco.com/c/fckjyi/?acr_values=guest
  • Piggybacking here to say that the same issue is presenting for us as well. The Connector displays a Webpage icon for every result and saves every item as a Webpage with Snapshot, regardless of what kind of item it actually is. The "Export in RIS format" option that EDS presents does work, but that is buried and requires an extra 3-4 clicks.

    In case it's helpful: this is presenting for multiple users, in all browsers, and across operating systems.

    Our library does not have open guest access, but I'd be happy to secure guest credentials to allow you to test. Please feel free to DM me.
  • Sorry for the delay. We believe this is fixed. If you are still seeing issues on Monday, let us know and please include the URL exactly as you see it, even if we won't be able to access it.
  • It's working! Thanks!
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