Mark item as retracted

I noticed in the announcement about retraction watch integration that
Currently, this feature is limited to items with a DOI or PMID (entered in the DOI field or in Extra as “DOI:”, “PMID:”, or “PubMed ID:”), which covers about 3/4 of Retraction Watch data, but we’re hoping to support items without identifiers as best as possible in a future update.
I was wondering if there's been any update on supporting items without these types of identifiers? If not, is there a way to manually mark an item as being retracted? I have an item that unfortunately doesn't have any useful identifiers that I need to mark as retracted.

The article does not appear in the retraction watch database, but I've submitted a request.
  • Just wanted to ask again if anyone knows of a way to manually mark an item as retracted. I've resorted to using a tag, but it's not as apparent as the built-in notification.
  • currently no way to do this, sorry
  • What I do for my Zotero library is to preface the article title with the word RETRACTED in all upper case. I do this even when Zotero has marked the item because I want the designation to carry over if I export the record.
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