iOS error on login

edited September 12, 2023
I’m getting a login error on iOS with a result of the application crashing. Crash report ID:


Since this is a error upon login and the software crashes, is there something I can do to experience zotero on iOS?
  • Hi @hughp3, sorry you're having issues. I

    s this a fresh app install or did the app update for you recently? When you get the crash report alert, do you have an option to "Export Database" there? If you do, can you export it and send it to If it's too big then upload it somewhere and send us a link to download it if possible.

    Otherwise if you don't want to wait, you can try to remove the app and reinstall from App Store, it should let you log in then.
  • Thank you for mentioning the uninstall/delete and re-install option. That worked for me. I couldn't access any database options.

    -- Resolved
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