Files in group library not available in another profile

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  • Hello, I am experiencing the same issue.

    I have two different profiles for Zotero that I use on the same computer, each with a distinct data directory (and they're distinct on purpose).

    1. C:\Users\user\Zotero
    2. C:\Users\user\Zotero_old_user

    To access annotations and PDF files from both profiles, I created a group to share items, But neither PDFs nor annotations are shared between the two profiles, only the item's metadata is shared.

    If I try to open a PDF from one profile while using the other profile, I receive an error stating that the file cannot be located in the storage since the base data directory names are different ("Zotero" for one and "Zotero_old_user" for the other).

    Therefore, I am unable to share PDF attachments with my group and can only access a file from the profile where it was saved initially.

    I tried to use ZotFile but couldn't find a way to solve it. I also attempted to make modifications in the "Config editor" to resolve the issue, but still unclear.

    Is there a solution available for this issue? I'd really appreciate your guidance on this.

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