Sync Issue: File under item in library does not show up in iPadOS app

When using iPadOS version of Zotero, there will be some items' attached files not showing up which can be seen from Windows version.
Surprisingly, if I attach another file to the item on iPad, the desktop version can see both of them.
Logging in and out doesn't seem to solve the issue, neither does clear cache.
More interesting thing is the iOS version can correctly handle it.

Debug ID is D895024356.
  • edited September 17, 2023
    If you log out of the iOS app and log back in, does that fix it? Oh, sorry, you said it doesn't.

    Are you saying you don't get an attachment icon at all on iOS for some items?

    Can you access the file in the web library? What's the URL after clicking one of the affected parent items in the web library?
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