Setting a Windows Store app to be the default PDF reader

Is it possible to set a Windows Store app to be the default PDF reader? My system default is Acrobat, which that's appropriate for 80% of the uses cases when I open a PDF on my computer since most of the time when I open a PDF it's for purposes other than reading research. However, when I'm opening PDFs in Zotero, I'm opening them for reading, and I prefer to use Drawboard due to its ink-/touch-friendly interface.

To launch Drawboard from the command prompt, this is the command that one should use:

"explorer.exe shell:appsFolder\DRAWBOARD.DRAWBOARDPDF_gqbn7fs4pywxm!App"

However, I'm unable to use that in the PDF reader "Custom..." selection dialog, as it only accepts input that ends in .exe or .com.

I realize that there is inking in the beta version of Zotero, but I haven't had good success with that on my ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 6. My inked handwriting in the beta version is illegible, because Zotero attempts to smooth the curves, and it often doesn't stop inking when I pick up the pen, resulting in long extraneous lines between my palm and the text. It looks like the inking module designed for mouse usage rather than for stylus usage, which could explain this behavior if true. (?) At any rate, I'm not trying to be critical of the new inking features in the beta version but rather I'm just trying to explain why I'm attempting to ink outside of Zotero!
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